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tv   Glenn Beck  FOX News  January 12, 2011 2:00am-3:00am EST

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make sure you follow us on twitter. and go to greta put an open thread you can tell me what you think about the group wanting to protest that 9-year-old's funeral. go to greta and keep it here on fox news channel. o'reilly factor is next. good night from washington, d.c.. and we'll see you moments from from now on greta wire. and the himself. >> glenn: welcome to the "glenn beck program." it didn't take long for washington to come out with their solution to the problem of the alleged violent rhetoric. the solution comes despite not having a shred of evidence that the crazed gunman was motivated by anything other than his craziness. politicians are there to protect you and push a ban on symbols, words, ban on guns, ban on talk radio. it's great. and i want to help. that's why today i found people in new york to come to work for this program and we
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picked them up at the otb, you know, the off track betting place. these guys were really good at making bets. i just put them in the backroom there. i don't know who that is getting up. put them in the backroom. there is a milky tub and we have electrodes on it. the point is we're just trying to fix things, control speech and action and thoughts. no, let me take it back. we're just trying to control the action of society and make sure that there is no violence and crime. that's it. and i know some will say it's as possible as me having three precogs in milky creepy looking water who intermittently release pre-cog ball that tell the future. that's not -- oh, hang on a second. uh-oh. please don't think things,
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please. jane and fred ryan from iowa. the pre-cogs know what your intent is. and there is no use running. we know what you're thinking. we know what you are going to do in the future. just sit there comfortably, and rest assured america, things will be safe. let us worry about the crime here. and we'll see this hour, what these new fabulous new laws, what kind of gifts they really are to you, the american people. c'mon! ♪ ♪ >> glenn: well, hello, america. democrat carolyn mccarthy. she is preparing to introduce a new gun control measure on the floor of the house. the law would ban larger
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magazines like the one allegedly used by the arizona shooter. this gave me an idea. larger magazines are apparently bad. why stop with the magazines. carolyn, you're on to something. let's just ban everything that is bad. sadness is bad. let's ban sadness. and sadness leads to depression. ban depression. how about traffic? we should ban traffic. have you ever driven in traffic? it's awful. it makes me sad and leads to depression. bad. ban it. you see how easy it is. you ban broccoli. we were doing transfat. let's do it. sadness, gun, symbols, it's great. memo to everyone. please. sure, guns don't kill people. crazy people kill people. but stop. what does that mean as bumper sticker thinking? you have to look at what they did in chicago.
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in 1982, they passed a strict gun ordinance, because guns are -- say it with me -- bad! so the result, they said no guns in chicago. the result, oh, my gosh, it's great. >> handgun, i don't think we actually have any stats for you. you just have to trust me on this. uh-oh. am i hypnotizing you again. -handgun murders skyrocketed. the first year, the handgun murders increased by more than 56%. uh-oh. the handgun ban seemed to make dead people sad and we banned sadness and handguns. now what? the supreme court when they reversed the city's ban in chicago, guess who they cited? the rising of the gun, you know, the murders with guns. "the chicago police department statistics show we are told, they reveal that the city handgun murder race
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increased since the ban was enacted and chicago residents now face one of the highest murder rates in the country and the rates of other violent crimes that exceed the average and comparable cities." the supreme court used common sense and said the ban doesn't work. it might be a problem with the people. not the boom-boom. what did glenn beck do? is that violent? am i threatening somebody? you know, some kids in some schools can't do this, or they'll be expelled. that is just good policy. so here is the next solution. representative bob brady. he plans to introduce a bill that would ban threatening words and symbols. you know, like crosshairs and whatever else. he says this is not a wake-up call. this is a major alarm going off. we need to be more civil with each other. they need to tone down this rhetoric. it's almost like jesus
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himself is talking to us. bra brady. tone down the rhetoric, be more civic. brady doesn't have any evidence that rhetoric is related to symbols. but he said this. like jesus. tone down the rhetoric. i don't know what is in this nut's head but i'd rather be safe than sorry! bob, you'reright. >> you'd rather be safe and trample on the first amendment. gee, bobby, thank you so much. let me ask you this: how does limiting free speech or symbols make us safer? does it make us more volatile or less volatile? we'll get back to you on that. right now, let's do what politicians never do, and think for two seconds before we act. violent symbols. violent symbols should just go away. may i share something? with just you? because remember, all i do is engage in conspiracy
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theories. so, listen to me now. just us. i want to tell you about this cult that's out there. it's a cult. they get together in groups, and they recite like pledges or something. i don't know. friends that told me about this. i don't know it myself. but they recite stuff. and then they force their kids to gaze upon -- i can barely say it -- one of the most violent images known to man. oh, it's horrible. and yes, yes! this is cult forced their kids, as young as seven, to bow down and gaze upon that symbol. and then they teach them to drink blood. it's almost too horrible to imagine. and it happens every sunday. yeah.
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we got to stop it. please, look for a second but don't be hypnotized by it. this symbol, violent, it's violent. >> this symbol needs to go away. oh, my gosh. i have kids looking at it. what will they do? that's why there is such a rash of crucifixions in the third grade! yeah? it happens. my apologies to anybody who finds this man and his image sacred. but we're insane. this is what happens when you regulate every symbol and every word and you have somebody else say we've got to regulate symbols! and i decide which one.
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because look how easy it is to turn something like your first communion into something dark and sinister. but while we're here, why not keep going. congress, i have another suggestion. shotgun weddings, it's just a bunch of hicks anyway. how will the hick newlywed not know to shoot each other? we should ban shotgun weddings or at least the phrase, because it's violent. what about this show on television? again, don't act on this. it could be a news documentary. i don't know, i don't know what it is. i haven't seen it, but friends have told me about it. look at this image. look at this image. it's the barrel of a tank. okay. what is the tank advocating? you ready? cupcake wars! i don't know what the cupcake wars are. you didn't give me a cupcake. i'm going to take my cupcake tank and blow sprinkle stuff all over you, man.
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i don't know what it is. it's violent. it should go away. wait, while we're banning stuff, why stop there. if you act before midnight tonight, let's not touch the "n" word in rap. let's make sure that video games where kids can take and shoot cops in the head. let's make sure that's okay. that means nothing. it's just a movie, it's just a video. nothing. but let's talk about violent rhetoric. unnamed. zero example. violent rhetoric. let's talk about banning symbols. we're just trying to help you. we're looking out for you. remember, your 10-year-old can shoot a cop in a game because your kids know better. why are you such a prude? we're not talking -- not your kids. we're talking about these people. people like this all over the country. they're just walking around in the streets. these people don't know what is going on!
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we have to protect them. there is a rock band called the killers. they're not even trying to hide it. they're killers. flu shots. you're going to go in there? right! look at this one. look at this one. what is this? we want a valentine's day massacre on our hands where lovers are shooting arrows through each other's hearts? i don't think so. why do you have a threatening symbol? it's scary, isn't it? indoctrination of religion. shooting arrows through people's hearts. that's what god's minions is doing? how do we allow people to spread the propaganda and then just release them in the stores, on a day they're supposed to focus on love. this isn't the worst? no, this isn't the worst.
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remove your kids. please, remove them -- i don't want to show you this, but i have to. i'm protecting you, of course. i'm helping congress protect you. i don't want to frighten anybody, but i got a tip about a big box store. don't think boxcutters which is what terrorists would use, i'm not saying boxcutters. i'm saying big box store. or am i? what does it mean? am i supporting the terrorists when i say big box store and i mean boxcutters? i don't know. that's why all speech should go. let me get this out before i ban myself. these big box stores have been embedded in cities all across the country. they're insidious. we didn't know. how did we miss this? all over, over the top violent symbols and the rhetoric. side-by-side, and we didn't even notice it. violent symbol, violent rhetoric. one word, there, right there, all across the country.
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if you see one of these stores, please, don't shoot. it's not actually a target. or is it? i'm not really sure anymore. and those people you saw on the streets, those people surely don't know. they need somebody. call a progressive immediately. please. tell them where these are. stop the madness. other scary words we need to work on. guns and roses. slaughter house 5. the book "swordfish." shot glasses. arrowhead stadium. what do you mean by that? is that a slam on native americans? or is that violence? i don't know. and how did we miss fruit punch? fruit punch? i was thinking about that today, fruit punch. my gosh, it was in front of
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us the whole time. the kool-aid guy. the kool-aid guy! just coming in and breaking down walls violent as hell. what is he? a pitcher, what appears to be blood. whose blood? children's blood? i don't know! how naive have we been? pretty naive. it's a good thing we have regulators in washington to help us. if i may leave the word and symbol to the police in washington, you know, the experts, i want to take on something else. i want to talk about the media. do you remember the fort hood shooter? nidal hasan? he was screaming "allah" before going on a rampage before killing 13 people and woulding 30 others. here is how the old gray lady, very old and sick, i think, the "new york times" reacted to the attacks on november 7, 2009. here it is.
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in the aftermath of this unforgivable attack, it would be important to draw to a void drawing prejudicial -- i can't say it. it's that crazy. prejudicial conclusions from the fact that major hasan is an american muslim whose parents came from the middle east." don't judge. don't do it. president obama, he was right when he told americans we don't know all the answers yet. he cautioned. don't jump to conclusions. it's weird. is that something he did not say on saturday? i don't know if it was deleted from the teleprompter or what. the question is why did he say that at fort hood? he wast the only one who said that. >> the biggest caveat we can have right now is not jump to conclusions given that the event is still going on. >> we have to be careful, because we can't jump to
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conclusions now based on little snippets of information that come out. >> first, this was a terrible tragedy. second, it's too early. it's premature to reach conclusions about what motivated hasan. >> glenn: allah akbar. he would have been crazy. remember this guy on saturday, "communist manifesto" and "mein kampf" were his favorite books. do your hear me harping on that? no. because he was crazy. you don't shirley sharrod somebody. why did at fort hood they say don't jump to conclusions? they feel you're simple-minded so stupid, such sheep, the people in the streets. that stereotyping of entire group would lead to more violence against muslims. it's not just wrong, which it
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is. it's not just wrong. you're sheep. when you do that, you'll be rounded up and you'll be killed. even the president said he was tired of the families being rounded up in the middle of the night. he said it in the campaign tour. i've never seen it happen but he wanted it to end. that's one of the first things i agreed with him on, i just didn't know it started. but if it is, i'm with him. i want it to end, too. he doesn't want anybody rounded up, and neither do i. apparently the way to get people rounded up according to the president is to jump to conclusions and to stereotype an entire group. you see where i'm going here. they are using fear. i believe it was yoda who says fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate and hate leads to suffering. oh, yes. you would hate to have a situation where you feared a whole group of people, right?
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that is a good piece of advice. recap. here is what they're saying. they reported on this a million times. don't call him a muslim. or say he's acting on behalf of muslims. that is stereotyping an entire group. that will lead to more violence against muslims. the people of america will apparently grab their cup of coffee in the morning and their gun and start attacking muslims and they won't realize they're doing it. it's just because we stereotyped a whole group. fast forward to yesterday's edition of the "new york times." same story. crazy person goes on a shooting spree, because they're crazy. here is how they report it. it's a factile and mistake on the attribute this particular mad man's act particularly to republican or tea party members but it is legitimate to hold republicans in particular their most vire leapt supporters in -- virulent supporters in the
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media responsible for the gale of anger that has produced the vast majority of these threats, setting the nation on edge. many of the right have exploited the arguments or division, reaping political power by demonizing immigration and bureaucrats. they seem that the government is not just misguided but enemy of the people." it wasn't me to convince people of that. you have to go back to farther than me, go back to, i don't know, george washington or benjamin franklin, or thomas jefferson, or james madison. the list is endless saying the government is the especiallimy of the people unless it's small. that leads me to a problem. apparently you're anti-government. follow the thinking of the "new york times." this shooter was anti-government which made him on the right, they think. but wait a minutement they also said we're too rigid and crazy constitutionalist and say we're in love with the
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cornerstone of our government. yet, somehow or another we're in love with the corner stone of our government but we're anti-government. do you see the mental hoops? if you're awake, none of this makes sense. none of it. how many americans are still asleep? now, this time the shooter doesn't have a clear ideology, though his friends call him a donpe-smoking leftist. there is no clear motive. he is just crazy by all accounts. it's okay to make this about conservatives and the claim that the viewpoint is posing a danger to america somehow or another. it doesn't seem to make any sense. this one -- i'm sorry. we have guys in the milky bath in the back, and we're just trying to help stuff. sam in florida, we know what you're thinking. well, i don't know, but she knows what you're thinking. the three otb guys, the
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authorities are on the way to your house to solve the crime you're going to commit. unfortunately, soon. we're here to protect. back in a minute.
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>> glenn: i am going to have a serious conversation with you, and i know we were flippant about it, because sometimes it's just ridiculous. i want to recap where we were. please listen to this logic, because there is none. the "new york times" says don't rush the judgment on hasan. the president says don't rush to judgment on hasan. i agree. don't shirley sherrod him. remember, this is the show that didn't. the president claims we're rounding muslims up during the campaign. i'd like to see the evidence of that. there is no evidence that i have seen. that doesn't matter anymore, because no one cares about the truth. kids, in my day we had the truth. but it's true. in america, before we condemn somebody, you were innocent before proven guilty. now we're moving in a new america where you are guilty,
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i mean there is no more than that. hello, what else do you need? you think that's nuts and you think it can't happen in america. well, we have rounded citizens up. citizens twice before. american germans, italians that were americans, and japanese. how did that happen? not once. everyone thinks of the internment camps. that is the second time it happened. it also happened under woodrow wilson. the government and the media, they were in collusion. it's always bad. science, government and media in collusion. not good. it was the brain of walter lippmann and edward bernays. these two used propaganda to convince the people that they were dangers. and they rounded people up.
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the press and the government was responsible. but they had to make regular citizens into enemies, and it wasn't hard back then, because they could use race as an identifying marker. we've done it to every race and every creed in america at some point or another. when the government can make it useful. we are trying to make enemies of people, but there are no identifying marker or color. now the enemy is a person who loves the country, stands up for the constitution, wants small limited government, puts their hand over their heart for the national anthem, knows the words and wants banks to not get a bail-out. wants people to fail if they failed. wants to be neighborly. that's how hateful they are. that's the enemy. well, 9/11, we were told and
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we told each other, these were 19 hijackers. they all had one thing in common. don't judge all of islam on these guys. that is the right attitude. don't judge. but we went farther. we said don't judge. don't use common sense. don't even question, that nothing in common. don't judge. let's pat down grandma. come here, grandma, drop your draws. i have to feel you up. what? isn't it interesting that every single rule that the elite force america to play for terror, overseas terror, that is not common sense at all. they will not give you the american, the same benefit of the doubt domestically. they say that we have to play by the rules for islamic terror. do not judge the actions of one. and put it on a group or etch a smaller group or a subsection or one mosque.
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nobody. it's one guy. they say that is for the protection of people. if you do that, it will cause violence. but then the same people that preach that, don't play by their own rules now. they say they shouldn't have to play by their own rules because it will cause violence. i don't get that. it sounds to me like they were lying then or they were lying now. you can't have it both ways. if they weren't lying then, then the media by violating their own rules are encouraging and causing violence by stereotyping a whole group of americans. by calling them violent and rushing to judgment. just because where they stand on healthcare, or financial policies. listen to that. think of this. demonizing a whole group, the president doesn't say don't rush to judgment. doesn't say knock this off. the power elite don't either.
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the media, that's quite a statement. the most tragic part of saturday's shooting is the death of the 9-year-old girl, christina taylor green. her dad talked and it was gut-wrenching. her life was book ended with violence. she died with an act of violence going on in the rest of the world. she was born on september 11, 2001. she die in the this domestic violence here at home. as she met her parents for the first time and they counted her fingers and toes and one parent said to the other, are they all there? is she okay?" the rest of america was trying to figure out what the heck just happened. some of us knew what that was about. because some of us had talked about it before. here is a very old clip, you may not even recognize my voice.
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1998, talking about what was coming september 11. >> it ain't the war on drugs. this is the war on terrorism. i'm telling you within the next 30 years, war isn't going to be anything like what we've seen in the past. we're in a whole new territory now. a wol different kind of war. are you ready? are you absolutely ready to wage war against terrorism? >> glenn: the beginning of this monologue i had to reintroduce myself to the audience, most people didn't know who i was on abc as a conservative. it did, because the conservatives were angry with me because this was a response to the clinton response to the embassy bombing. i said then 30 years the country would be unrecognizable. i was wrong. it only took 12. on september 11, 2001, the average american didn't know what was coming. why? because i thought we learned this lesson.
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we were too bogged down prior to 9/11. too bogged down playing politics. everybody was arguing. only doing that get name in the papers. no, it's real. after 9/11 we realized if it didn't unite, we wouldn't make it. i didn't take long for game to begin. in ten years this country will be radically different.
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secretary clinton weighs in. join me in 24 minutes for "special report" now. back to glenn beck. ♪ ♪ >> glenn: congresswoman louise slaughter has joined the list of growing politicians who don't want the facts to get in the way of a perfectly good agenda. she was appalled after the shooting, disturbed, angry. not a the shooter. no, that would make too much sense. instead, she is really angry at talk radio.
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"frankly, what i'd like to see is if we could get together on both sides of the aisle, democrats and republicans to really talk about what we can do to cool down the country. part of it has to be what they're hearing over the airwaves." ex-representative paul canjorsky is doing his part today in the "new york times." calling for civility and respect. he is so, so right. today. on october 23 when he was running for campaign, he said, "that scott down there running for governor of florida, they ought to have him shot. put him against the wall and shoot him. he is no hero. he's a damn crook." so pay no attention to that. that was him during the campaign. what? no. we need civility. back to what's her name slaughter, why the violent last name, congresswoman?
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we should talk about your last name. it's a verb. you see with an i'm saying. so what she wants to do is talk about the violent rhetoric. if we stop people talking, it will be fixed. you know what that is? i'm just going to call you the "s" word because i don't want anyone to act out on your last name is a husband. who has an unhappy wife. because the sister-in-law is talking to the unhappy wife. and so, she is making his life miserable. he says stop talking to the sister-in-law. makes sense, until you find out he's got a hot mistress on the side and that's what the sister-in-law is telling the wife. you see, congress, doing something to piss off us. and us in talk radio and fox news were just telling you the american people they got
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a hot mistress. you don't silence the friend or the sister-in-law, because it's not the friend or the sister-in-l sister-in-law's fault. with a we used to say don't shoot the messenger. did i just say shoot? how is anybody miscon trueing this? i guess the american people are too stupid to handle phrases like these. we are going to keep fighting. whose ass to kick. if they bring a knife, we bring a gun. we're going punish our enemies. you can't say these things. when you do, apparently, you start knifing people at will. that is what louise slaughter wants banned. not these things, because these are things that in the last election period president obama said. he said these things. why the violence?
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why the violent rhetoric? again, i'm asking somebody whose last name, louise slaughter is violent rhetoric. what was i thinking? maybe instead we should listen to somebody who actually, actually has something to say of meaning. and a reason for us to listen. the father of the 9-year-old girl that was lost on saturday. in violence. rather than louise slaughter, he may have a better understanding of the situation. she can't see her way past the regulations. but what does the father say? who lost his 9-year-old daughter. on saturday. what does he say today? >> we had nine beautiful years with her. i know she wouldn't want things to change, would not
2:42 am
want restrictions. i saw what happened to our lives; specifically, because i travel quite a bit. after 9/11, travel became a nightmare. we don't need any more restrictions on our society. >> glenn: back in a minute. hi. you know, i can save you 15% today
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>> glenn: you are not going to believe thursday's show. i don't know if you have noticed this at all. in the last six months, we have changed much of the imagery on this, because i have personally changed in the last career. i have changed in the last five years. but in the last six months,
2:47 am
we have put imagery of gandhi and martin luther king on the show. believe it or not, i've gotten heat from some people, because i don't include jesus, but i do. this isn't for you, this is for me as well. we're in tough times. i've asked myself who am i going to follow? am i going to follow someone like m.l.k. or bill ayers? who am i going to be? someone like gandhi, or bill ayers? i choose these guys and jesus christ. that's it. and that has led me to do a lot of introspection. that's led me to this solution. the e-4. this is where we're going this year. e-4. last year, we focussed on faith, hope and charity. this year, we're focussing on making the changes within. meanwhile, the left is exploiting the crisis and there will be another one after this for political gain and they'll exploit and
2:48 am
exploit and exploit. whether it's for oil, power, shutting the media down, whatever. that will do it. they just need a crisis to benefit from. it took all of 48 hours for james clyburn on this crisis to ramp up the fairness doctrine again. mark my word. won't go through congress. it will go through regulation. stand guard. there are enemies inside the gate that believe taking away of free speech at the f.c.c.. he made the case today in the good old days of the '60s, '70s and '80s when we had the fairness doctrine everything was great. yeah, it's true. when we dreamed that we saw the bomber death plane riding shotgun in the sky, turning in to butterflies above our nation, oh, we were star dust! we were golden. we were billion-year-old carbon and we had to get yourselves back to the garden.
2:49 am
while we were saying stupid stuff like that, also, j.f.k., r.f.k. and m.l.k. were not assassinated. not to mention george wallace and ronald reagan being shot. i think someone tried to shoot gerald ford twice, too. all in 20 years. all with the fairness doctrine in place. you see how much good it did to limit free speech? our founders knew this. while they talk about those things, stand guard and watch the f.c.c. my focus will be this. to find a solution in you. make you better. i'm not going to find it in you. you are. in turn your family will be better and neighborhood will be better and in turn your city and so on and so on. it's limited government. it's the smallest. control starts here. but it will take courage. that is where i want to go next. courage. i want to challenge
2:50 am
washington on something. courage. specifically next. sta
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hundred pounds of gear on me. i turned aro
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>> bret: what the country needs from all of us, integrity and courage. it's what is missing in the formula. it's time for all of us to grow up and stand up and say what we mean and mean what we say. the left needs to do that. i'm tired of it. what they want to say is there is simply too much free speech in this country. say it. stop hiding behind victims in a tragedy and come out and have that discussion. like an adult. james clyburn. louise slaughter. media matters david brock. you know why i'm easy to attack? i'm easy to attack because i will tell the american people exactly what i am thinking and i don't care what the consequences. if they leave and they don't watch the show, that's okay. i am who i am and i will say what i mean and mean what i say. he's also the reason we have ratings success. people know who i am. sometimes it gets me in to trouble. that's okay. i never treated my audience like idiots, because they're
2:55 am
not. neither are the american people. people are tired of the game. the game for me was demonstrated with vance jones rushed out of the white house in the middle of the night on a holiday weekend. i want the conversation. they fired him in the middle of the night on a holiday. hey, there is a communist on n the white house. did anybody know it? who knew it? what is the vetting process? what are we doing to protect ourselves? say it, admit. defend it. they would it. it was in the middle of the night. louise slaughter. even adrianna huffington. i'm tired of the cowardess of your speech. you believe there is too much free speech and you believe it should be limited. come out and say it. adrianna huffington, actually, she has said it. she says there has to be a way, darling, to stop glenn beck. there is too much. look in the constitution, too much free speech for glenn beck. at least she made the case. the rest of them, out with it. stop nibbling around it.
2:56 am
you want to put fox out of business, talk radio out of business. silence sarah palin, because she's not dangerous to anybody. she is dangerous to your agenda. say it. tell us that freedom of speech is too broad. the founders got it round. fight f fightf getting the constitution changed. make some change. show some courage. cowboy up, man.
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